Things I'm into: deviled eggs, playlists, breakfast for dinner, live music, jaywalking, NPR, the internet & rooftop views. I am currently available to be the bassist for your next air band in the hours I'm not being a designer at AKQA. Or we could go out for pho/kbbq, your call.

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My arms are as long as Mr. Tickle’s.

Wingspan > Height = Biological oopsies.

I try to stay open to the moment. I’m usually just reacting to what I see.

Dancing with gravity, part deux.

Yeah. That’s just about the coolest way I’ve seen “let’s clean a pool and skate in it” done. Reminds me of Mousepath except your cursor is a skateboard and the lines are spray paint. So maybe not at all. Falafel sandwich.

Sooyeon Lee: Grand Slam on Nowness.com.

A really stunning way to use the (overused) slo-mo effect. Fringe. Ping pong. Korean table tennis champion/actress/model. Beauty.

This is unreal.

You’ve heard it, but you haven’t seen it like this. (via Elizabeth Hyun)


In 1946, Salvador Dali and Walt Disney planned a cartoon together.

This is the best part of “Before Sunrise.” Love. Love. Love.

I never want to hear you say that skating isn’t beautiful.

Calvin does not need to be taught how to jerk. He’s pwning us cousin n00bs! He is dancing and he is twelve. He was dancing right out the womb.

Simply beautiful.